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The Ultimate Brokerage Solution.
ParagonEX Dynamic is a superior financial technology provider dedicated to the business owners who are bound to get full advantage of the limitless Brokerage opportunities.
ParagonEX Dynamic offers state-of-the-art tools and features and was created with simplicity in mind.
Speed up your financial business
Tailor-made solutions for your business
What value does ParagonEX Dynamic provide to your business? We have all your current and future business needs covered!
Trading platform
Progressive versatile trading platform, designed for PRO traders. Sleek and modern solution with impressive features.
Advanced operational tools
Boost the competitiveness and sustainability of your business through innovative software solutions for excellence compliance.
API Integration
ParagonEX Dynamic has developed a wide selection of cutting-edge widgets ready for implementation in operating platforms.
All-in-one CRM
Retain full control and high availability of your core trading business via our CRM software powered with different built-in enhancements.
Our Best Sellers
The most profitable products in the industry
An advanced versatile FOREX & CFDs trading platform, designed for traders of any skill level.
Simple and easy to use Forex platform designed for beginner traders with simplicity in mind.
The ultimate product for end users with no experience with minimal risk for the beginner traders.